Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brief summary of TSMBC

TSMBC is for everybody. TSMBC (the sunday morning breakfast crowd) is a move of God, designed to draw people away from secular music and provide the alternative. TSMBC aims to reverse the curses sent to our generation through todays minstream music industry. TSMBC led by Lifes Unique Character E (L.U.C.E) will take the music industry by storm proving once and for all that Jesus Christ does belong in our music and not the sex, drugs, and violence that currently plagues the music industry as we now know. Hip hop is TSMBC's first target. No more hip hop its CHRIST MUSIC listen...

L.U.C.E mixtap: The Sunday Morning Breakfast Crowd coming soon

TE RYTHM coming soon

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

L.U.C.E and the Sunday Morning Breakfast Crowd

The First artist to lead the Sunday Morning Breakfast crowd; Philly emcee and Christ Music representive  Lifes Unique Character; has already released one of the rawest mixtapes a true Christian artist has ever released nevertheless its God given purpose was accomplished. L.U.C.E is set to release his second mixtape entitle "The Sunday Morning Breakfast Crowd" almost as soon as tomorrow. with a flow unlike any other and a true gift to speak to the soul in an extraordinary way; it is inevitably, with the grace of God, and His everlasting will, that mixtape will be a true classic and the next major mark in the music industry. Lifes Unique makes it very clear in his single "Eat your Pancakes" that he is not here to conform to the ways of today's music industry but rather; lift the curse that has plagued hip hop and other genres alike. L.U.C.E has come to destroy hip hop as it is now known. "this isn't christian rap, nor Gospel, its CHRIST MUSIC!" as he will plainly tell you if you care to inquire. the difference is simple he explains "it speaks in a manner that most christian rap and Gospel wouldn't dare speak in. it speaks to a different generation of God's people and Jesus Christ has blessed me with the concept and the task of making Christ Music known to all."

First single off the upcoming mixtape "The Sunday Morning Breakfast Crowd" L.U.C.E presents "EAT YOUR PANCAKES prod by Daz Jones